Havant Music Festival 17th March 7:30pm

On St. Patrick’s Day we will be appearing at the second Havant Music Festival .

The first festival went sufficiently well that a repeat performance has been planned for this year

The Hayling College Crest

This festival contains many different styles of music across many venues in the area. Our venue is The Hayling College, a secondary school on Hayling Island.

Look forward to a non-seasonal set and in honour of the day we might even try to find an Irish song to perform.

Southampton Art Gallery! Saturday 3rd February 2:30pm


This is a lovely space, often used for concerts and weddings, and recently used for Music in the City.   It’s housed within the North wing of the Civic Centre buildings in the centre of the city.

We will be singing here in the New Year on Saturday February 3rd in the early afternoon. There is an art festival going on and we will be providing some additional entertainment starting at 2:30.







Monday 15th January – Happy New Year!

Just a reminder that we’re back tonight and it’s an open session so do wear your badge if you have one, and do bring along anyone who wants to have a go. We have various events coming up soon, so we will be looking at our general repertoire. Bring your folder too if you have one! 8-10 pm Central Hall. Look forward to seeing you there!

Barrels and Carols


We are a Community Choir, and whilst this has a particular meaning in the choir world, in that anyone can join, we also feel that our task is to take music out into the community, and not wait for people to come to us.

Last year we held a Christmas sing song at the Lapstone pub in Fair Oak, and it went down well with the regulars. We’d hoped to go back for a non-seasonal event later in the year, hopefully to the same response, but sadly there was uncertainty about the Lapstone’s future so this plan was put on hold.

Will it close?  Will it stay open?

So this year we sing carols and eat pizza at the King Rufus in Eling on Friday 22nd December at 7pm. This pub is run as a sort of co-op and has regular musical events. Pizza is optional (?) and cooked on their outside wood oven.We have arranged to go and run a festive sing-along just before the final weekend before Christmas, and if they like us, we hope to return next year.


As to the Lapstone…

Mr Mayor, you spoil us

Southampton Mayor’s Carol Service

Wednesday 20th December


For many years now the Christmas season for the choir has been busy with events, as indeed it is for most choirs, but for us the traditional final gig before the turkey gets defrosted is the Mayor’s Carol Service, originally intended for Civic Centre staff and held in the main entrance hall of the Civic Centre, but anyone can come.

Southampton Civic Centre


It’s an impressive venue, with wide stairs and brilliantly painted plasterwork, and is a nice place to sing just at the peak of the festive season (punch and mince pies afterwards of course).

Southampton Guildhall Square looking very festive

This year however, in an attempt to be more available to the community at large the event will take place outside in the Guildhall Square, so it’s wrap up warm time, get those lanterns out and Sing!

This will be on Wednesday 20th December at 3:30pm in Guildhall Square


This is always a lovely occasion, the proximity to Christmas and the sense that the excessive run up is nearing its end makes for a short but sweet event, ending as we eat the traditional mince pies and drink the mulled wine in the Mayoral parlour, trying to relax on the posh sofas in the knowledge that the old vocal chords will be getting a rest, at least for a few weeks.