Havant Music Festival: You’re such a lovely audience, we’d love to take you home with us

Match report:

The snow held off long enough for this concert to take place, and although the school hall was unprepossessing (which school hall isn’t?) the welcome was excellent.

A small group of audience members arrived about 45 minutes early leaving us to wonder whether they’d got it all wrong, but then they joined in with our last minute practices, and this friendliness carried on throughout the evening.

A smaller than usual turnout from the choir who were just about outnumbered by the audience, but for the first time we can remember EVERYONE in the audience sang along, and we all had a good time in the delightfully chaotic ‘Gospel Medley’ with is a round of a number of well known gospel songs.

The concert ended with our guest alto and former member Penny singing the delightful ‘Irish Blessing’ which the festival organiser paid tribute to in her vote of thanks afterwards.

All in all great fun

On St. Patrick’s Day we will be appearing at the second Havant Music Festival .

The first festival went sufficiently well that a repeat performance has been planned for this year

The Hayling College Crest

This festival contains many different styles of music across many venues in the area. Our venue is The Hayling College, a secondary school on Hayling Island.

Address Church Road, Hayling Island PO11 0NUĀ  Map

Look forward to a non-seasonal set and in honour of the day we might even try to find an Irish song to perform.

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