Music in the City… Roll on next year.

170 acts

               22 locations

                                       1000 performers.

Here’s the choir in Quilter’s Vault in 2009

This event has run annually since 2009.








And here we are last year in the Undercroft

This time we were in the Bargate for the first time. There was a very appreciative audience, and we were preceded by 3p Suite, a vocal threesome and followed by the excellent Fiddler on the Hoof ceilidh band. It’s a real pleasure to sing in these unusual locations, some of which have been used in the city for centuries, the acoustics and intimate setting all make for a great gig .

Did you see us in the Bargate? Please leave a comment, or if you’d like to have a go yourself then you could come along to one of our Monday evening practices at the Central Hall, St. Mary St. Southampton, 8-10pm. There’s no subscriptions or auditions, but there is tea, biscuits, and sometimes cake.

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