20 years young and still going strong

One of our earliest photos. Central Hall 1998 OK, it’s Easter, we admit.

The Central Hall Community Choir started life in the autumn of 1997 to prepare for Christmas events at the Central Hall….

Central Hall 1998, the earliest photo we’ve found yet. OK it’s Easter, but Hey!We have come through many concerts, church services, weddings, cakes, carnivals, festivals, parties, cakes, memorials, choir trips away, cakes and singing in chip shops to here:

St. Peter’s Church Fete, Sept 2017 – a little less hair, but still singing.







The choir is 20 years old this term so we are having a party to celebrate at the Central Hall in the evening of Saturday December 9th at 7:30pm. All former choir members and friends are welcome. The exact activities at the party are yet to be arranged but there will definitely be cake, displays of old photos of the choir spurring the inevitable “Who is that?” questions, and, of course, it wouldn’t be a choir without a song, so dust off those tubes!

Please bring some food and/or drink if you are coming, should be a good evening.




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